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 Ener-Tech provides "Peace of Mind" professional service, installation, manufacturing and re-manufacturing of custom and off the shelf systems from many worldwide manufacturers. We as O.E.M. and international wholesaler can compete providing savings in refrigeration replacement costs. We have jigs to fabricate custom evaporator and condenser coils in custom sizes to fit the requirements. Whether it be Tube and Shell, Serpentine, Flat Plate, Forged fin we can supply your needs expeditiously. All installations are tested by Ener-Tech's Licensed  Professional Engineer Ed. Kalna serving the marine industry for over 50 years.

Serpentine coils are fabricated from our jigs to accurately fit the space to provide maximum heat exchange




Tube and Shell heat exchangers choices include 90/10 cupro-nickle tubes, tube sheet ends, marine naval bronze end plates 2,3, and 4 pass configurations using naval bronze not plastic return baffles as Alpha Lavall uses


Forged Fin heat exchanges 90/10 Cupro-Nickel inner tube and copper refrigerant side outer wall


















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