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Ener-Tech, previously Dyna-Temp Inc. in the USA, has built many custom air conditioning and refrigeration systems for the commercial fishing fleets, cargo boats, mega yachts, sailing and motor vessels since 1974.



Our largest manufactured system is our 50 ton chill water system with 50 kw boiler

This 50 ton chiller was engineered and nanufactured to the highest degree of quality with out compromise.                             

Ener-Tech manufactured this chiller system using a 50 KW electric boiler for heating. The frame material is 3in. (76mm) by 3/8" 9.55mm) thick, galvanized angle. The lower section carries two 25h.p. Carrier -Carlyle compressors with one manually adjusted unloader on the center cylinder head bank.



 The placement of the Cupro-Nickle dual circuited, two pass chiller. The chiller design is tested by ARI Standard 480-95 shell and tube. The chiller barrel is insulated with 1" K-Flex with low permeability and outside surface claded with a gloss white heavy myler shell.



 Installation of marine quality condensers on top of frame to facilitate tube cleaning. Condensers feature higher quality than the european counterparts:

  1. Tube sheets are epoxy coated cupro-nickle to prevent pitting and galvanic action.
  2. Removeable cupro-nickle end plates for rodding and cleaning condenser  tubes
  3. Dual refrigerant outlets to provide liquid seal in heavy seas.
  4. Sacrificial zinc anode protection on end bells.       


Over 50 years of welding experience along with using high quality 56% and 15% silver  along with our selected Harris flux insures deep penetration of the fittings. all systems are pressure tested for leaks to maximum pressure . Sporlan solenoid valves, expansion valves Alco, double drier cores with ball valves, king and relief valves




Proven state of the art DDC electronic controllers providing control and safety of all  components. Heavy duty contactors with added silver plating on contact points to insure long service. Panel completly assembled in our shop and quality tested for performance.




Completed ready to ship in eleven weeks.





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